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Im actually gonna journal for once

Ive decided to actually start journaling stuff, probably only for me to read, as i have 1 friend at this current moment, regardless. I decided this yesterday, as i was at my family picnic, a few things came up and i thought "why not write them here." And thus this journal is born (well its been born, but now hath new founded interest.)
          So as I was saying, my family picnic. A few interesting events usually take place, but first some background. Well we always go to this lake, that indeed my mother still does not know how to get there, even though she has been going for ....I don't know, 15-20 some odd years. Anyway, so this lake, of which I can never remember the name, is a cedar lake (As in it looks, and tastes, like pee), there are also turtles that like to nip at toes, just saying.
And so begins the first event of the day. There is also a pool, of which my cousin begged us to go in with him. We were much obliged as it was ass burning hot. So we went in the pool where my cousin meet a friend, this is how their conversation goes:
"Hi, whats your name?"
"Ill give you a hint, it starts with an 'a'"  he continues "n-g-e-l-o"
Of course my cousin would'nt have guessed in a million years was, thankfully the kid was not a jerk, a basically gave it way. They scurried off to pal around. We also met another kid, he was quite a nutter I believe
"Hellllooooooooooooo"  he says, as he thinks he is the queen of England. Eventually he got stuck in his floatie and was asking everyone for help
"Excuse mee, I need sume help ovur heree."
So my sister helped the little odd ball (everyone else ignored him or looked at him as if he had 5 heads)

         Now I am going to rewind a little bit back to my car ride down to this lake, because all of my family lives in Jersey and I in fact live in New York (Where there are no delicious TastyKakes and where we do not call sprinkles "Jimmys"). I had to drive down with my sister, and we stopped for bagels. As I was in the car I was thankful that I was with her, rather than my father who likes to talk about how bagles are made. As if he is a bagel maker:
"First your supposed to boil them, then, you bake them, you know in an oven and such" Um, what else would you bake something in?
"But some bagel places, just go right to the baking and they skip the boiling. Well you can definitely taste the difference, am I right?" Yea sure, as if I havent heard this 1000 times before.

         And we go back to the picnic now, where we begin a pinata. A bunch of little kids swinging a metal bat at a dead baby, JUST KIDDING, but how sadistic would my family be if they did that? So it broke and all the candy fell out. Which got me to wondering, how come in cartoons there is a FOUNTAIN of candy and etc. and in real life it kinda all just falls out at once. This immediately made me disappointed in pinatas. Pinatas need moar candy.

        And so the day eventually ended and we could all go home, my "uncle" (as he isnt my uncle, but my mothers uncle), tells me and my sister a little piece of advice.
"Don't pick up wooden nickels,"
"Because you cannot spend them"
As I get the feeling that his has a much different meaning than the obvious one. I admit i do NOT get this. So by the power invested in me (and google.) I am going to set out to find this answer:
An American adage  "Don't take any wooden nickels" is considered a lighthearted reminder to be cautious in one's dealings. This adage, too, precedes the use of wooden nickels as a replacement currency, suggesting that its origins lie not in the genuine monetary value of nickels but rather in their purely commemorative nature."
"Something that you say when someone leaves, to tell them to be careful and to take good care of themselves."
Well that solves that.

        As I am a proud footie fangirl, it kills me that the World Cup has ended. Now what the fuck am I going to do,(Insert witty joke about me having no friends here) don't they ever think our our needs?! But i suppose its good thing its every four years because if it was every year i think it would take out the "specialness" the glory surrounding the coveted up. Well then to club football it its, you need to start RIGHT NOW. Im so glad that i stumbled apon FSC. Well actually if it werent for PES I would have never know of the amazingness that are sex gods. Footballers. I always loved playing, but now, watching and etc, its amazing! And because im so interested, its easy for me to catch on and remember names and faces, i mean its not hard but according to my friend im a "soccercyclopedia" a tag that i much enjoy, inriching others in the beauty of well, the beautiful game. As a kid, contarary to folklore, David Beckham was indeed NOT the first player to know, and so i believe I  was destined to this from the start. Hell I didnt even like becks. THe ones i grew up knowing as the best in the world were Maradona and Pele (and later my lady idol, Mia Hamm). Though like any american girl, and maybe many others, I indeed have seen Bend It Like Beckam, around, I dont know, a million times say (and that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is still one of the most unf worthy coaches of all time).

       Unfortunately for me, I was born into a town that was in fact a force to be reckoned with back when my sister played, they were the big 3 county champs, but now our program has gone down the shitter. Sucks for me because i actually, maybe, want to play in college. But no scouts are going to come to a field full of suck, excepting me and maybe 2 or 3 others. Take for example our summer soccer team, due to a lack of commitment, we usually have tp play down men. Also to mention that one of our coaches is amazing and the other one, well sucks ass. It really shows how sometimes the best player does not make such a great manager. Well we had a game the other day. 7 girls actually showed up, against one of the hardest teams in the league and they also had 16 girls. Not to mention, their coach was a total ass and played 10/11 the whole time and subbed constantly. Well thanks because that day we had the suck coach and we had to play 2-3-1. Yes I was infact one of the 2 people getting killed in the defense. The onslaught ended in 6-1. Well at least we got one goal, but it is embarassing. Especially because i have some friends on the other team. But I don't care what the score line is, I still had a fairly good time against my friends, of which i would not let score.

Well that was basically my weekend. Ill leave a quote from everyones favourite nut, JENS LEHMANN.
"He takes himself far too seriously and thinks he is very important. I don’t like it when someone glorifies themself.”

And ill just leave this here.

EDT: Forget the Jens Lehmann quote, Ryan Babel just twittered the best story I've ever read, and so this quote comes from that.
"I mite be sexy with them on !!!!! can u imagine me walkin on the beach wit tight ass shorts?????
LOLLL mite get some attention boy"

What do you think of this Pique?