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So I went to the USA-Brazil game yesterday.

The experience cannot be explaned in words. I took a few pictures and some videos, but still. The live experience is so much more that cannot be found in any picture or video. It is something I will never forget and I seriously want to spend the rest of my life in a stadium. I dont care what I am doing, as long as I can be there.

The atmosphere was just... wow, completely amazing. When I first walked in and just hearing everything, I was so excited, overjoyed, nervous and I thought I was going to throw-up. I can only imagine how the players felt. Im actually jealous of the players. Thinking back, I never want to let that feeling go. They get to feel this way every week and probably almost everyday. Surrounded by people feeling the same things they are, the ebb and the flow of the beautiful game. And I am jealous of that.

I was in the section right next to the American Outlaws and they were definitely some hardcore fans. When I looked around the stadium, most of what I saw was the yellow of Brazil. Also factor in the fact that yellow is an easier colour to see, but still. Except where the American Outlaws were. It was a swarm of red, white and blue that really stood out. And every seat in that section was taken. Now thats dedication.

I was completely shocked to find out that there were 77,223 fans there that night. For one thing, you cannot say that soccer is not popular in this country. There is no other sport that can make you feel complete sadness and failure in one minute, rather second, and then complete ecstasy the next and vise versa . Thats why its entitled The Beautiful Game.

In dropping the serious matter they're are a few funny moments of course. Thats shown naturally and obviously through players charisma. I was surrounded by a mixed crowd. Some Brazilians and some Americans. It was a little back and fourth but then the game started and the differences were put aside and the common love in soccer was put to the test. It passed. Whether it was your team or not, you were up on your feet screaming. There was one Brazilian behind me who was very funny about the whole thing. After Brazil had scored the two goals he thought that somehow he was speaking to the players "NO, donnn do dat! Roobbbiiyyo I said no moar golesss. Donnn chuuu even think abouut it Neeyymaaar." At half time he decided to keep the peace with surrounding american fans, "We have twoo, then youu gett twoo. Dis waay we booth haaappy."

I was of course upset of the loss, but I was overall happy because of the ecstasy and highness of the atmosphere. One fan was arguing with another behind me and he said "Well we have 5 stars America, how many do you got?" I replied "Yea, well we have 50 on our flag, All representing all the states of this nation behind this one team." That sure blew him away.

On a funnier note, my section was actually the one that stared the mexican wave. Im not even joking. They were trying the whole match till finally the others figured out what was going on and joined in. Its amazing how it can pass continuously through the stadium. Actually it reminds me of life. It goes up and it goes down, passing through those around you.

I went with one of my friends and after the game her cousin said "This is the greatest sporting event Ive been to in 15 years. Im completely blown away by how much fun and anxiety I lived on just now in 90 minutes, more ever so than I have in my life." We wound up converting a diehard lacrosse fan. Quite a feat actually.

This was the best thing I have ever done. Its really inspired me and... I dont even know what to say, I will never forget it. And when I have a rough day on the pitch, ill think of it and how I shouldnt give up.

Inspiring. Mesmerizing. Chilling. Invigorating. It can be explaned in one thousand words but the words will never match living it.

Also, someone commented on the fact that they like Sacha Kljestans beard. ALOT. It was a male...